Matthew Brogden

Matthew Brogden


 Matthew Brogden

” If Better is possible, Good is Not Enough….!”


I found my passion for training in 2011 and made the decision that I didn’t want to work another day at a job that I didn’t like while I was constantly thinking about being at the gym and helping others, so I researched various certifications and chose NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) because of the comprehensive and technical focus in every facet of health and wellness. My motivation and calling to help others comes from personal experiences in life that transformed me from a careless, carefree, self-centered and cynical individual who couldn’t see past every mistake and failure, into a highly motivated, confident, goal oriented person who now only sees opportunity in every situation!! Fitness saved my life and completely transformed every aspect of my life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am an absolute believer that fitness is not only essential for a healthier life but crucial in progressing all areas of your life on so many levels. I love to see others go through this same transformation and to see their lives open up to so many new possibilities that they never thought were attainable because of their self-imposed limitations. Knowing that I can help someone realize their full potential and strive to be a better person is worth more than any amount of money or fame. God has given me a second chance to be the best version of myself and the lives I get to inspire and motivate every day by my actions and experiences is amazing. I post positive things and only want to change the world around me from what it is to what it could be! Having an opportunity to help change someone’s life in a positive way is what I feel I have been called to do. Training, to me, is my way of contributing something positive and constructive to this world.


I grew up very active and was an athlete all of my life until I moved to college. I, like most, enjoyed not only the education but mostly the extracurricular aspects of college life. I had created a lot of bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle that set me on a crash course for failure. In 2009, my older brother passed away suddenly from heart complications. My brother’s passing was the most devastating thing I have ever experienced, and the loss of my hero would certainly send me into a downward spiral but instead of self-destruction, I chose to make a change not only in my life but for my family. I could not bare the thought of them losing another son, and that motivated me to get in shape. My brothers best friend proposed to me a few months after the funeral that we complete an almost impossible task of running the LA marathon, 26.2 miles. We would run a mile for every year of my brother’s life as he passed at age 27, and we would complete the marathon and continue .8 miles past the finish line to complete the 27 miles. His proposition was hard to fathom,  I was 140lbs and hadn’t exercised in over eight years. I could barely run to the front door of my house without being without breathe but I was so filled with the motivation of representing my brothers name and honoring his memory, “no” was not an option, there was only the thought of completing the task before me. This started my fitness journey and has been the inspiration and motivation everyday since!!! My brothers passing saved my life. I had an outlet to channel my emotions of pain, anger, loss, and depression into an active and meaningful task of training for each marathon because no matter how bad I felt or unmotivated I was, the fear of letting my brother down pushed me through every time. I joined my local Gold’s Gym in 2009 to train for the marathon and to strengthen my body. Over the next few years, I completed three full marathons, four half marathons, six tough mudder courses, and over a dozen 5 and 10k runs. I had conditioned my body and my mind to push itself past my limits, and I found that if I wasn’t pushing myself on a daily basis or working towards a goal, i became complacent and felt an uneasy feeling like something was missing. About four years ago I was introduced to bodybuilding and competing, and I was hooked. I had found a sport that was evolving every day and there was always new goals and room for improvement. I’ve been competing ever since.