Holden Cox

Holden Cox


My name is Holden and I’m in my last semester at UNCW. In May I will be obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. I’m certified through ASFA and I have an extensive background in exercise and sports. I’ve worked with all age groups and skill levels.

Fitness has been my absolute passion over the last 10 years. When I moved to Wilmington in 2011, my love for Fitness grew exponentially and I decided to major in the field. Since then I haven’t stopped learning and pursuing my dream of making others better! My area of expertise is in hypertrophy training and fat loss, sport specific training, and strength and conditioning.

I enjoy teaching others techniques to efficiently train for their goals but what really fills my soul is making others feel more confident about themselves—whether it be building their confidence in their daily lives or just helping them to feel more comfortable in the gym. I work to help people enjoy the gym rather than look at exercise as a chore. It should be a getaway, a sanctuary—a release of tension and emotion.

This is a career that totally gives back and I enjoy every minute of it. Watching someone do something they never thought they could accomplish is the most fulfilling feeling!

Working with me I will teach you program planning techniques and form that you can take with you and use on your own, as well as useful nutritional recommendations. I would love to get to know you and help you reach your goals in a fun environment!